The Royal Artillery Association (RAA) was formed in 1920. The Association whose patron is The Monarch is a permanent body which is democratic, non-sectarian and non political. The Association and its Branches will refrain from taking part in political or religious matters or disputes. Members must act in these matters as individuals independent of their membership of the Association. Members will at all times act as good law-abiding citizens.

The objects of the charity are (a) To promote the efficiency of the Royal Artillery (RA) by:
(i) maintaining contact between past and present members of the Royal Artillery, fostering mutual friendship between them and providing social gatherings for them and (ii) Fostering esprit de corps, comradeship and the welfare of the Royal Artillery and preserving its traditions. (b) To relieve either generally or individually past and present members of the Royal Artillery and their dependents who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

STRUCTURE: The RAA is organised by its trustee through the intermediate structure of the National Executive Committee, regions and districts, down to individual branches.

MEMBERSHIP: There are 5 types of membership. ANNUAL - LIFE - SERVING - HONORARY -
ASSOCIATE. All these categories of members are deemed to be members of the RA as a whole any may attend meetings and social functions of any branch as guests.

Annual & Life Membership is open to Serving or retired members of the Royal Regiment of Artillery / Any person who has served on the posted strength of a Royal Artillery unit or Headquarters / Wives or husbands who were married to their spouses during their spouse's commissioned or enlisted service with the Royal Artillery / Wives and husbands currently married to their spouses who had previously been commissioned or enlisted into the Royal Artillery / Serving or retired members of the Artillery of a Commonwealth country.

Serving Membership is open to Gunners* who subscribe to the RACF through the 'One-Day's-Pay' scheme and who are Serving Members of the RAA while they are serving and are deemed to be 'fully paid-up' annual members for one year after they retire. Serving members who have subscribed to the RACF for a period of 4 years or more are entitled, when they leave the service, to Life membership of the RAA without further payment. *The term 'Gunner' means an Artillery man or woman of any rank who is serving or has served in any headquarter Unit or establishment of the Royal Regiment of Artillery or in the Artillery of a commonwealth country.

Honorary Membership of a branch may be conferred on local dignitaries or other persons whose membership will be of benefit to the branch. Honorary Members have no voting rights and are not required to pay subscriptions.

Associate Membership is open to anyone 18 years old or over not eligible for Annual or Life Membership and who supports the aims and aspirations of the RAA. Associate Members have the same voting rights and pay the same subscriptions as Annual Members.

SUBSCRIPTIONS. Annual Members. Each branch decides the level of its Annual Member's subscriptions. Life Members. The Annual Assembly recommends the level of the Life Membership subscription to the Board of  Management. New serving and ex-serving RA Members are most welcome to join us along with other ex-service personnel and those over 18 who support our aims and aspirations.