Branch quarterly Newsletter May - July 2019

The Canterbury Branch standard attended the V.J. Day memorial service in the Westgate Gardens Canterbury, on Friday 16th August 2019. Peter Hughes with the Branch Standard and Joy Waters laid a wreath on behalf of the Branch. 


The RAA General Secretary, Col Matthew Carter RA (Ret’d) gave an update as to the RA regiments and manpower at the branch meeting.


Wally Tong's 90th birthday 

The plague was from the young members of the committee. It's of his Mother Regt the RAMC. (the in joke is: he's our H&S man). It was held on Saturday 26th October. The cake represents how the great grandchildren see him !!
On the 12th November 2019, the Hon Secretary of Canterbury Branch RAA, honours
Harbledown Gunners killed in action in Normandy.
Gnr Leslie Harry Brockman (28) 16th June 44 and
Lt Keith Newey Wood (27) 13th July 44.